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Simple ways to keep up with doctor appointments

Writing it down : Writing down what you need to remember is the most common way of having information at hand. Using your home calendar is one of the simplest ways of keeping up with the appointments. A suggestion would be as soon as you get home from your appointment or receive a call from the doctor's office, write down the day, date and time.

Downloading an app: technology is also a good way to record your appointments. Find an app that is simple to update and it will also give you notifications for reminders.

Having a Home Care to assist: Depending on the Home Care program you have set up, these services come for free if you are a client, and your Milestones Home Care keeps up with the appointments for you.

We offer Care Management at Milestones Home Care and you do not have to be a client. All services are billed monthly. For more information please call: 817-905-3781



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